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    THE RULES: Keep them close to your heart :3


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    THE RULES: Keep them close to your heart :3 Empty THE RULES: Keep them close to your heart :3

    Post  Garo-Caro on Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:16 am

    Since I'm not a butt, there's really not many rules at all, so please keep them in mind while posting!

    1. No chatspeak or emotes. Please type in complete sentences.

    2. The minimal post should be one paragraph ((4 sentences)) long. That's not so bad right?

    3. You're not invulnerable or all-powerful, so don't god-mode!

    4. Be respectful to other players!

    5. PLEEEASSSEEE, if you need to say something OOC, tack it onto the end of your post or do it in the Meet and Greet section. No completely OOC posts in the RP. It just clogs up the RP.

    That's it!

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